29/07/20 Update:

HSD Parents & Guardians

 As we are all no doubt aware, the government has recently published a wide set of material around the planned return to school in September 2020. 

Minister for Education, Norma Foley has provided various communications for school staff and parents alike, as well as a set of re-opening guidelines.

We've uploaded the details below, so you can review

Enjoy the rest of the summer and we'll continue to provide updates, as we receive them​




HSD Pa UPDATE Wednesday 29th July 2020

 Government Return to School Details

19/11/20 Update:

HSD Parents & Guardians

 Big thanks to Dr Colman Noctor for a great session on navigating the ongoing COVID 19 landscape, taking perspectives from the teenager and parent perspective.

Very informative and food for thought

​Link to the recorded session below​​ .

Addittional HSE/Govt back to school guidelines issued Wednesday 26/08/20

H.S.D. Parents Association


HSD Pa UPDATE Tuesday 15th June 2020

 School 2020/2021 scenario planning

Pa Speaker Session with Dr colman Noctor Wednesday 18th November

15/06/20 Update:

HSD Parents & Guardians

 A quick note to advise that we are continuing to engage with the School Management on the approach for the next school year, to ensure all relevant detail is passed on to parents in a timely manner, to keep the wider school community up to date and to facilitate any actions that may be required.

As you no doubt saw from last week's update, from the Principal, the school is engaged in scenario planning, aligned with requirements and current Department of Education/wider health considerations. Right now the scenario that will face us is unclear, but it may involve some form of blended in person/remote approach. We're all keeping up to date via the media, on wider social implications,  so we can surmise what might face the school and students, come next September.

Our input to the school Board of Management on this topic, at the last meeting, was to ensure we had momentum here, to ensure a state of readiness aligned with September and ongoing clear messaging to parents.

Related to this, we've also engaged on the recent device survey where, interestingly, it was identified that there may be a need to review how the students will access remote activity, in some areas..

Similarly, our ask here, is to ensure the approach drives a clear parent message around what may be needed and what type of access will be required. More details to follow here, directly from the school

Given the uncertainties here, the summer break will no doubt provide a good opportunity at personal level to review items such as home broadband speeds & WiFi capabilities,, along with ongoing home study locations and device readiness.

We'll continue to seek ongoing updates, but as always, feel free to contact us via email or through your PA year rep.


PA Committee

Avril, Birgitta, Elaine, Evelyn, Linda, Susannah, Debo, Gavin, Ray, Steve, Nigel