HSD Pa End of YEAR event, Friday 22nd of MAy

05/11/19 Update:

Form 2 Parent Teacher meetings took place on Tuesday 5th November. 

Form 2 Parent Teacher Meetings Tuesday 5th november, 2019

10/10/19 Update:

Form 6 Parent Teacher meetings took place on Thursday 10th October. 

Mobile device policy update, February  2019

Form 3 Parent teacher Meetings  Thursday 26th Sept. 2019

HSD PA AGM - Thursday 26th September 2019

15/11/19 Update:

An updated mobile device wording has recently been reviewed by teaching staff, with additional input from the Student Council. This detail has now been added to the draft ICT usage policy and reflects feedback received from the wider parent body, to date.

The main points of the revision seek to clarify and simplify the do’s and don’ts of mobile device use, together with a call out on sanctions that will apply, for any breach. In summary, the approach confirms devices should be powered off between 8.50am and 4.00pm, with the only exception being any specific need to undertake a learning experience under the direct supervision of a teacher. The sanctions that will apply range from confiscation of devices and parent notification by SMS for initial infringement, to parents being required to physically collect devices in person, for multiple breaches.

Review is currently with the school education committee and the planned next steps are to have the revised approach implemented and part of wider school policy ASAP, this academic year.

We’ll keep  you updated on developments and progress, from the school side, but in the interim, we're keen to solicit any comments or feedback on the draft detail, via the PA email address.

Let us know....

04/10/19 Update:

A great turnout for this year's event. Thanks to Ray and the PA committee for pulling it together and to Dylan and Eddie (Past Pupils & 31st Rathfarnham), for helping out on the day..


Form 2 Parent Teacher Meetings Tuesday 5th november, 2019

14/01/20 Update:

Form 5 Parent Teacher meetings took place on Tuesday 14th January. 

27/01/20 Update:

Form 1 Parent Teacher meetings took place on Monday 27th January. 

24/02/20 Update:

The school has today sent a message to all parents, reviewing plans for an amended mobile device polcy, to take place from today, 24th February, to Friday 20th March, on a pilot basis, following which, feedback and next steps will be reviewed at the Education Committee meeting on the 31st March.

This  approach is in line with the wider Dept. of Education's guidelines on a whole school approach, to encompass input from staff, pupils and parents alike.

Please make sure you familiarise yourself with the detail and provide feedback through the normal channels.

We're happy to pass on any feedback received, reflecting details and the source, via the PA email address.


Mobile device policy update, November 2019

25/09/19 Update:

The PA AGM took place on Monday 23rd September. The committee is currently finalising minutes and follow on actions, plus onboarding our new committee members.

2019/2020 updates will be published and communicated within the next week

Form 1 Parent social evening Thursday 7th november, 2019

07/11/19 Update:

Thanks to Avril for organising the Form 1 social night.at the Dropping Well on Thursday 7th Nov.. Great attendance and always good to kick off the school journey, meeting new parents and building connections.. 

Form 1 Parent Teacher Meetings Monday 27th january, 2020

14/11/19 Update:

Rory Mulvey from Student Enrichment Services visited and spoke to parents on Study Skills. Always a great session, full of practical tips. This year Form 2 and Form 5 attended the seminar as part of their curriculum, so we're happy to promote the conversation here.. 

H.S.D. Parents Association


Study Skills Parents Evening, Thursday 14th November 2019

Form 6 Parent Teacher Meetings Thursday 10th October, 2019

Junior Cert ResulTs Day 04/10/19 Paintballing @ Delta Force

27/09/19 Update:

Form 3 Parent Teacher meetings took place on Thursday 26th September. A smooth event, thanks to Yvonne (Reception). Multiple words of encouragement and positive feedback from 3rd Form parents - old and new.

We're now busy planning for this year's event and will launch ticket sales shortly.

Last year we had some excellent food, top notch entertainment and a great opportunity to get together with the wider HSD parent community, catching up with old friends and making new connections.

With the High School Dublin celebrating it's 150 year anniversary in 2020, we're looking for a big turnout, to continue the celebration.

More to follow ASAP.