H.S.D. Parents' Association


Many Thanks to the School and all the parents who helped pull this together. Special Thanks to Grainne Wright, Geraldine Fox, Evelyn Foley and Finola Connolly for assisting in setting up and running the "Lost property" stand. Delighted to report that in addition to all attending getting some great bargains and having some fun along the way, we managed to raise 250 euro to kick start the "Habitat for Humanity" fund for 2016/17. Some pics below of the event. Feedback Welcome to make this event even better next year.

The school's Habitat for Humanity initiative has been a major event in the school calendar for ten years now. This continued success is been made possible through a significant amount of commitment and fundraising undertaken by those involved. This year, on behalf of High School Parents, Finola Connolly presented a small contribution of €500 to the students travelling to Lesotho in March. 

The Parents Association were delighted to make this contribution and congratulate Killian Barry, Craig Rankin and the whole team on their very successful trip.

For those that weren't involved this year, a key part of the Careers module in 5th year is the holding of mock interviews where the student has to prepare a CV and personal statement and is interviewed about the course of their choice by two parents who work in a related area.

The feed back from the students is that it is a most beneficial experience and parents who have participated have found it to be an interesting and rewarding experience. We would be delighted to receive any feedback to make this an even better and more rewarding experience for students next year and/or if you would like to get involved next year, please let us know. click here.

​See below for some pictures of the parents involved on the night reviewing CV's and preparing themselves prior to conducting the interviews.

In June, the Senior Rugby Squad for next season will be touring South Africa. On behalf of the Parents' Association Martin Ridgeway presented 500 Euro to Mr Walker and Mr Malin to help support the student travel costs for the tour.

5th year mock interviews in April 2016


parents' association Pilot a School books and uniform second sale on 25th June in the reynolds hall


Our new school mascot purrs in for 2016 in january

Guided by Martin Ridgeway and in collaboration with the Student Council, the School, the Parents' Association and the Past Pupils Union funded the purchase of the new School Mascot pictured below. 

Support for habitat for humanity in march


The Parents’ Association would like to thank all the parents who participated in the Form 5 mock interviews on Monday 11 April. This year more than 70 parents assisted in the mock interviews which are a core part of the school's careers programme for senior cycle students.  We are very grateful to be able to draw on the parent body to enable this programme cater to the wide range of student's career choices.  

parents' association support Senior rugby tour to south africa in june


The Trip through the eyes of a High School Student : "On Friday 18th March, a group of 20 nervous but highly excited High School students gathered in Terminal 1 ready for the trip they had spent the previous year fundraising and preparing for. Accompanied by five teachers, we flew via Ethiopia to Johannesburg, where we stayed for one night before travelling to Lesotho. The kingdom of Lesotho is a beautiful, mountainous country. Landlocked by South Africa, it has the fifth lowest life expectancy and second highest AIDS rate in the world (one in five adults living with AIDS). 60% of Basotho people are living in extreme poverty. Once there, we worked hard for five days to finish two houses for two families in the village of Mathebe.

 Though the work was hard, it was extremely rewarding, and we learned so much from talking to the villagers and playing with the children. Our visit to the headquarters of the national partners of Team Hope to hand out gift-filled shoeboxes was also incredibly eye-opening, and for many was one of the highlights of the trip. Our experience in Lesotho was amazing and will not be forgotten by anyone on the team.

Once we had finished work on the houses, we returned to South Africa, and once everyone had recovered from food poisoning we all managed to enjoy a trip to a safari and to the water-park in Sun City. The trip had a hugely positive impact on everyone involved, and signing up for next year’s trip (or a similar one organised outside of school) is something I would strongly advise anyone to do."