The primary goal of the Association is to represent the interests of you as parents/guardians of children at the school and to promote good relationships between parents/guardians and the school.

Our objectives

  • Support the welfare and educational interests of the pupils in The High School.
  • Foster the sharing of educational knowledge and social activities amongst the members of the Association.
  • Represent and keep the membership regularly informed about policy developments relating to the school.
  • Promote the involvement of parents/guardians in the High School.
  • Act as the conduit for effective communication between the school and the parent body with regard to matters affecting the school and the education and welfare of all its pupils.


How we represent you


The Association is represented at every level across the management of the school. This year, the President and Secretary of the Association are the Parent Representatives on the Board of Governors and the Management Committee of the school. With members of the committee also on each of the Board sub-committees – Education, Sport, Finance, and Grounds/Property – the parents association is consulted on the development of all major new policies at the school.

your 2018/19 Team

Nigel Donovan,  President & Chairman

Evelyn Foley, Vice President & Treasurer, Finance Committee.

Melody Chinenyanga Education Committee, 5th Year Parent Rep

Ray Stewart, , 3rd year Parent Rep.

Joyce Farrelly, 2nd Year Parent Rep.

Gavin O'Duffy, Secretary, 1st Year Parent Rep

Elaine Costello,  Events Mgmt.., 5th Year Parent Rep.

Birgitta Lee. 6th Year Parent Rep & Events Mgmt.

Linda O'Connor, COMPASS Rep

Vincent Landy, Sports & Recreation Committee

Steve Wilson, Property & Grounds Committee, 4nd Year Parent Rep.

Parents from all year groups are currently represented on the Parents' Association Committee. Election to the Committee takes place at the AGM and representatives serve for a period of 2 years. We look forward to hearing from you.

H.S.D. Parents' Association


Practical examples

  • Arranging social evenings for parents to enable parents to meet up and get to know each other

  • Assisting with the organisation of parent-teacher meetings for each of the year groups.

  • Supporting the Guidance Department's mock interview evening for senior pupils.

  • Sponsoring and arranging “parent’s talks” at the school covering topics of interest to parents.

  • Providing prizes and sponsorships for students who achieve excellence in their field of endeavour at the school.

  • Engaging with the student council in the organisation of a number of fun events for: 

    • Junior Certificate students on the day they receive their results 

    • The 6th form students after the graduation ceremony​

  • The annual parent-teacher cricket match and BBQ.