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H.S.D. Parents Association


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Welcome to the Parents Association Portal

Susannah Love

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        PA Role 
    PA Member                                   
PA Activity
 Nigel Donovan

Regular connection with school Principal
Attend board meetings
Own website update

Own inbound email review

 Vice Chair
 Gavin O'Duffy
Attend board meetings & backup for Chair
 Jennifer McGrath
PA rhythm of business & cadence of meeting minutes
 Avril Robinson
Financial overview and fund management
Student Council  Rep
 Ray Stewart
Student Council interface (meets every 2nd Weds)
 Compass Rep
 Susannah Love
Regular connection with Compass group to ensure awareness & information flow across HSD parents

 Year Reps

 Jennifer McGrath/Brian Fitzgerald
PA Point of contact for first year parents & 1st year, year head
 Avril Robinson/Richelle Flanagan
PA Point of contact for second year parents & 2nd year, year head
 Susannah Love/Gavin O'Duffy
PA Point of contact for third year parents & 3rd year, year head
 Peter de Lacy
PA Point of contact for fourth year parents & 4th year, year head
 Ray Stewart
PA Point of contact for fifth year parents & 5th year, year head
 Steve Wilson/Debo Adeduntan
PA Point of contact for sixth year parents & 6th year, year head

 Committee Reps

 Avril Robinson
PA visibility on activity relevant to financial activity
 Susannah Love
PA visibility on items relevant to curriculum details etc.
Property & Grounds
 Steve Wilson
PA visibility on activity relevant to the school and it’s grounds
Sports & Recreation
 Peter de Lacy
PA visibility on wider sports/recreation related details

​​The primary goal of the Association is to represent the interests of you as parents/guardians of children at the school and to promote good relationships between parents/guardians and the school.

The Association is represented at every level across the management of the school. 
The President and Vice Chair, are the Parent Representatives on the  School Board of Management. 

With members of the general committee also on each of the Board sub-committees – Education (Susannah Love), Sport & Recreation (Peter de Lacy), Finance (Avril Robinson), and Grounds & Property (Steve Wilson) – the parents association is consulted on the development of all major new policies at the school.

Richelle Flanagan

Parents Association 2020-2021

Steve Wilson