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Saturday 24th June

2nd hand Uniform & Book sale at the High School

To all High School Parents/Guardians

Having had positive feedback from the uniform and book sale last year, we’re now looking at opportunities for this year.

We’re planning a second-hand school uniform and school book sale at the High School on Saturday 24th June at 10am in the Reynolds Hall.

We're working on getting the 2017/2018 books lists to you ASAP!

How will it work?

  • Tables will be positioned around the Reynolds hall for sellers to use if they choose (first come basis)
  • There is no "drop off" zone beforehand. All sellers to come on the day with their items for sale
  • There are no recommended prices. All prices agreed between the seller & buyer.
  • Every seller is responsible for providing their own change (if needed) 
  • Only high school uniform clothing to be sold 
  • Only books on the school book list to be sold
  • Any items unsold are to be brought back home with the seller.  
  • All proceeds from sales to be kept by the seller (not school or parents’ association)
  • Please tidy up after yourself

We’ve also arranged with the school that all lost property will also be on view in the Reynolds hall on Saturday morning. 

  • Lost property Items identifiable as yours between 10am and 11am can be claimed. 
  • Any items not claimed, without a visible name tag will be put up for sale from 11am and all proceeds will be donated to charity.


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The primary goal of the Association is to represent the interests of you as parents/guardians of children at the school and to promote good relationships between parents/guardians and the school. The Association is represented at every level across the management of the school. 
The President, Arthur Barlow and Secretary, NIgel Donovan are the Parent Representatives on the Board of Governors and the Management Committee of the school. 
With members of the general committee also on each of the Board sub-committees – Education (Beverley Maxwell), Sport (Vincent Landy), Finance (Evelyn Foley), and Grounds/Property (Steve Wilson) – the parents association is consulted on the development of all major new policies at the school.